[09/10/2007] The machines arrive

The truck at the dock.

The dock from the inside. The DDP-116s and the pallets of boxes have not yet been unloaded.

Modcomp IIs.

More Modcomp IIs. There are five CPUs in varying states of completeness, as well as two tape drives and several unidentified expansion cabinets.

The driver and assistant unloading an H316.

Ampex disk drives for the Modcomps.

Lots of spares and documents, one of four pallets. The pallet on the right was not part of this shipment.

Another H316, and yet more spares. There are spares for the DDP-116s, the Modcomps, and the disk drives.

Three card readers for the DDP-116s and a pair of Model 29 keypunches.

James and Lyle examine a disk drive near the DDP-116s.

There are three DDP-116s, as well as peripherals including tape drives and a fixed-head disk.

James and myself standing next to a disk drive. You can see the front panel of one of the DDP-116s behind us.