Robert C. Baron
What Was It Like Orville? Some Observations on the Early Space Program
Fulcrum Publishing, 2002
(more information and table of contents)

Robert L. Massard
Digital Pioneering
self-published, 2007
(more information and table of contents)

Oral Histories

The Computer History Museum collection contains several oral histories taken from individuals who were affiliated with 3C. Transcripts are available online.

Technical Documents

I have a large collection of documents relating to the DDP-116 and the H316. A partial index can be viewed on this site. Many of the marketing brochures are available on the 3C Products and Services Page, as well as links to resources elsewhere on the web.


Honeywell Series 16
Adrian Wise's excellent website is devoted to the entire Honeywell Series 16 product line. Adrian owns a working H316 and a DDP-516 in restoration. Look for a nice index of available document scans on the web, as well as locally-hosted documentation and software not available anywhere else.
Hachti's Honeywell X16 Resource Base
While nominally devoted to documenting his own collection of H316s, Philipp Hachtmann's website is an equally great resource for general Series 16 information, including software and PDF scans of documents.
Theo Engel's DDPx16 pages
Theo Engel's website concentrates on emulation of the Series 16 machines on modern hardware. He's developed a front-end to the multi-architecture SIMH simulator that provides a GUI, including a graphical simulation of the front panel. Check out the archive of Series 16 software and instructions for running it under emulation.
Time-Line Computer Archive
The Time-Line Computer Archive in Wigton, Cumbria, UK, has recently announced its presence on the web, and is presently open for private viewings by arrangement with the staff. Their collection includes a DDP-116 and a DDP-516, with documentation and software. They also have numerous other vintage machines on display, including an IBM 1620, a PDP-8, a PDP-12, and an ICT 1301 mainframe, with peripherals.
The Computer History Simulation Project
Robert Supnik's Computer History Simulation Project has created a multi-architecture simulator for many machines of historical interest, including the H316 and DDP-516.
The Computer History Museum
CHM is the largest collection of historically-important computers, located in Mountain View, California. Currently, the Visible Storage exhibit has a DDP-116, a DDP-516 (as an ARPANET IMP), and an H316 (as the “kitchen computer”) on display.
Al Kossow's archive is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in vintage computers. Many documents related to the Series 16 machines and the 24-bit 3C machines can be found in the Honeywell category.

For 3C Alumni

There is a periodic reunion of former 3C employees. The organizers maintain a website.